Universities, Colleges, and Institutions is a dedicated company that understands the importance of using technology in education. As a result, we always try to provide the best solutions to our clients so that their tablets stay in top quality and perform well. Tablets are absolutely essential for any institution and the students as well as the teachers benefit greatly from the use of these devices.

However, like most other gadgets, tablets also break down and require repair. At such a time it is absolutely essential for an institution to find a trustworthy and reliable repair shop that will fix the tablet with utmost care and precision. And this is where steps in. Our teams of trained and dedicated experts understand your problems, look at the issues of the tablet and provide comprehensive solutions and that too in the shortest time possible. We fix and ship your tablet back to you in 72 hours so that none of your educational work suffers.


Apart from repair work, we also provide assistance to institutions regarding the working and configuration of the tablets. It may often become a tiresome process to understand or configure a new tablet. This is where we help by providing all the information you need to configure your tablets. We also help you in finding out and installing the latest educational apps and other kinds of data so that you stay updated at all times.

Secured Service

We also believe in providing high security solutions and so your tablet and the information in it are completely secured with us. We do not share the information with anyone and protect your data closely. We also store the individual tablets in individual lockers when they are with us so that there is no confusion or mixing up of the devices. We also stick to the guidelines of the manufacturer when it comes to opening the tablet up and repairing it. This is done to provide maximum safety to your device.