What is the time taken to repair the tablets?

We believe in completing the repair work in the shortest time possible. As a result, we even ship back most of the tablets the very day we receive them. Our trained and experienced teams of professionals work on the devices with a lot of care and precision and complete the repairing task in the shortest possible time. This we do without compromising on the quality as we thoroughly inspect every tablet that we receive before we begin working on it and then the tablet is again inspected after it is repaired just to make sure everything is in its proper place. We take a maximum of 72 to repair a tablet.

Do you offer any warranty on the repair work done?

We are so sure of our technicians’ work that we offer a 90 day warranty for each tablet that leaves our office.

Are OEM parts used?

Yes, we use OEM parts in all our repairs just to ensure that the repaired tablet is in top quality and no problem is left in it when it is returned to you.

Apart from the device, what else do I have to send?

Wefixtablets.com does not ask for any other components from the clients expect for the tablet itself. So you do not have to take the trouble of sending the papers or the box or any other accessory that you may have along with your device. We believe in keeping the task simple.

Can a damaged tablet be restored?

The trained and highly skilled technicians of Wefixtablets.com will put in every effort to save and restore a damaged tablet. If it is in a repairable condition, then it will be repaired. If not, you will get the tablet back from us.

The touchscreen of the tablet is intact but the device doesn’t seem to work.  What should I do?

We are here to clear any doubts that you may have. As a result, we offer a free examination service for all tablets. Bring in your tablet and after taking a look, we will be able to tell you what exactly is wrong. You may need to fix the digitizer or the touchscreen.

How do I ship the tablet to Wefixtablets.com?

We invite our clients to send us a request for a quote. Once we receive it, we will get back in touch with you and send you a detailed email regarding the procedure, including the complete shipping address, to send the device to us.

Can I drop the tablet off anywhere?

Yes, you can do so. We have tied up with (—). Drop your tablet off at any (—) and we will collect it from there.

I represent a business and a school. Do I get special offers?

We have a number of offers and discounts for businesses and schools. If you want to know more about these offers, send us an email. Or you can even go through the respective sections on our website.